The first two years of my life I was being trained to be a pit fighting dog. While I was being taught they held me down by leather straps and cattle praded me daily. One day, I and the other dogs where rounded-up and taken to a new, but still scary home at the shelter. I remember being taken into a small room. The behaviors that I knew did not seem acceptable here. As they walked me down a long hallway, I looked back at a man standing there, I could feel his immense compassion. As he saw me pass he asked where they were taking me… Euthanization. He jumped at the opportunity to give me a second chance. Hi, my name is Britney I’m a service dog, therapy dog, lover of life, and man’s best friend… Ed saved my life. 


I was born in Korea and was raised on the streets of Seoul. Some called me ‘feral’, because I was truly WILD! I was rescued by “Born to Run” and brought to America to be placed into a foster home. I landed in a home with 2 other greyhounds whose habits were continual laps on the couches and bounding over furniture. I joined in the chase with aggression! Upon my arrival in the States, I was diagnosed as ‘food, dog, animal & people aggressive‘, and plainly out of control on all levels. The leash was a joke.  After a few days of total chaos in the foster home, Ed was called to the scene.  He felt something ‘special’ about me, and that this place was definitely a poor fit. So off I went out the door on a leash… and walked with Ed for over an hour. I moved in with him, and after about 4 months, my aggressions were tamed, I am rehabilitated, and living ‘happily ever after’. I am a therapy and service dog, and a goofy people lover. Ed gave me a second chance.


I was born in Oregon to a Chihuahua breeder and family. I am a blue and white color of the breed, and quite rare, indeed. At around 3 months old, I decided that I simply did not like ANYONE! ‘Leave me alone’ and ‘get lost’ was my attitude. This is when they decided to boot me out the door… for a price. The first time I saw Ed it was love at first sight. I could see his compassion and knew he was the master for me. I jumped up into his arms and was not about to let go. My breeders were agast… “She doesn’t like anyone, including us!”  Ed took me home (at a greatly reduced price) and I was given a new, happy life, without barking or growling. I love to be pet and meet people! I am a service and therapy dog, and treasure my time at the Veteran’s Hospital in Portland bringing joy to the unfortunate.  Ed changed my life forever.