Facts About Ed:

Edward Finn was born in Portland, Oregon, and grew up on a two-acre farm on the far southeast side of the city. His family raised goats and a few other animals along with, of course, dogs! Ed was 10 years old when he  got his first puppy, ‘Brutus’. He was a King Shepherd, the predecessor to the contemporary German Shepherd. Kings are bigger and have a straighter back. They weigh up to 150 lbs. 

Ed graduated from Portland’s Marshall High School and went on to attain two Bachelor Degrees from Oregon State University in Theater and Small Business. He uses both of these courses of study in his career as a Canine Behaviorist. Yes, the theater training comes in handy when he needs to ‘act like a dog‘ and gain their trust! 

Ed’s first start in Dog Training and Behavior was in a pet store when he rescued a distressed woman with her Borzoi (Thor) who was dragging her around the store. Ed let her know he could help, and within 30 seconds the dog was heeling and behaving in perfect stance. Yes, Ed definitely has ‘whispering’ qualities, and shares this every day in his practice.

The woman in the pet store, Claudia, was part of a dog rescue mission called “Born to Run” and hired Ed immediately. He worked there for a number of years, which gave him all the training, connections, and experience to start his own business, “Dog Gone Behaviors”. Ed continues to study Dog Behavior courses along with Veterinary Tech and Dog Psychology classes to stay educated and up-to-date with current trends.  His love and knowledge of the Canine species is extraordinary, and he comes to your dog with exceptional recommendation.


These boxers went from fighting to calmness in a minute.